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high-value, customized & reliable solutions!
Manufacturers' Representatives Since 1991
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Honest and reliable technical resources utilizing our 40 years of experience within a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes.  We deliver customized solutions for your every need.
September 2016:  PSE featured in Agency Sales Magazine "Taking a Rep Firm's Business Paperless".   Click here to read the article.

September 2016
:    PSE enters year 25 of MANA membership!
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We have the technical knowledge and expertise to assist our customers with a variety of related precision industrial components and assemblies.  We help you with the selection, design and application of the products we represent--but we don't leave you there.   We work with you to integrate the component parts into complete assemblies or sub-assemblies as your product matures.  If you're frustrated by Manufacturers' Reps who are only interested in selling you something and have little time to listen and help you with your problems, give us a call.  We know you will be pleasantly surprised by our knowledge, interest and integrity.
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We are specialists.  In sales, engineering and marketing of precision engineered mechanical components.  We serve New England's Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
Precision engineered component parts and assemblies from USA and Asian suppliers.  Metal Injection Molding (MIM), stampings, plastic injection molding, rubber molding, fine blanking, swiss turning and CNC machining.